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Skiing Otvoreno
Night skiing Otvoreno
Lifts in function K1, Bx, Tro
Snow height 190-250 cm
Bjelasnica Weather forecast


Sport for all generations


New Book of Regulations of conduct in the ski resort

Bjelasnica at first glance does not seem to have a lot of trails, but the advantage of Bjelasnica is that these trails are very well kept and you can rarely come across rocks. The trails are very beautiful and wide, flattened and long enough. For the transportation of skiers to the top, two saucers are available, two anchors and one triple seat that travels 12 minutes to the top of the mountain.
There are trails for every profile - beginner's blue, pulled up by anchors and saucers, and serious Olympic black and red, pulled up by the triple seat installed after the war. You can advance to the top of the mountain by saucers.
Apart from good conditions for day skiing, Bjelasnica has spotlights for night skiing recreation so that night skiing lovers can use this well equipped trail. The trail has a moderate slant, 750 meters of length and is completely well lit.

If you do not own your own equipment, you can rent it here. Skies and equipment are mostly newer. Apart from skies, it is also possible to rent sleds and snowboards (services, ski equipment/services).

Bjelasnica is richer every year with services. You can rest in the modern built object called Benetton, in which the service is positioned, and a toilet. Against Benetton is a mountain home, a wooden object with a very pleasant interior with a Winter Olympic Games `84. atmosphere.
Prices in the mountain home are a bit higher than average, but you will be able to eat domestic specialties such as burek, pita, ustipci, veal etc. Nearby is Hotel Marsal with modern room capacities, a restaurant, a ski service, conference halls, a bar, disco etc.

A complete project of artificial snow is done and the implementation of a multi barrier has started on October 1st. Also, all water, electricity and video surveillance installation has been set up and buried, and water connections have been provided for a 10 000 cubic meters capacity pool.

There are a lot of investments in Bjelasnica these past few years. KJP ZOI84 OCS D.O.O. and Austrian firm DOPPELMAYR signed a Contract of delivery and setting equipment for installing a cabin cable car, Babin Do - peak of Bjelasnica.
Also, new accommodation capacities are being built which is proof of the serious regard to potential that this destination is offering.

Good will, diligence and courtesy of the workers are very commendable, which is rare on most of the closer ski terrains. For example, during a rainy or snowy day, the backs of the seats are put up and down for every individual skier, so they would stay as dry as possible.

Snow machines do not go out daily but whenever it is needed during the day to pun the snow and use maximum natural conditions for creating a good solid ground.

We believe that Bjelasnica will develop to be a great ski center, as it is already a very solid destination for skiers and boarders, who are a bit less in numbers here.
Do not miss your chance to sled down the trails where ski legends skied!

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